Friday, January 11, 2008

Who is Emily Fox?

If you don’t know who Emily Fox is and have kids who’ve reached double digits, then I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you. Emily Fox is the World Champion Speed Stacker. What, you ask, is a Speed Stacker? Okay. Now I’m really sorry.

I’m a boring mom. I admit it. I may even rival the meanest mom on the planet one day. My kids practice piano and read books for fun. We don’t watch TV and have never seen High School Musical. Hannah Montana is someone famous to tweens. That’s all I know. You see, we’re really nerds in disguise. I know it's hard to tell. But the truth is, we know nothing about the latest fads. And we don’t usually care that we don’t know.

But then came the Present of the Year! Evan’s Aunt Mary is a far hipper chick than any other woman in his life (so far) and gave him Speed Stackers for Christmas. I don’t know how much she spent for this ridiculously addictive toy but someone is making a fortune. Trust me.

Upon examination the thing that strikes me about this toy is that Speed Stackers look strangely familiar. In fact, they closely resemble the plastic cups overflowing with golden, foamy, sparkly ale at college parties. Where did this latest craze come from? Was it invented by inebriated coeds on campuses across the country? Is my 12 year old little boy playing some whacky version of a drinking game? Will his new skills make him the hit of the fraternity party of the future?

Nah! I think not. Evan is, afterall, pure nerd offspring. With us as his parents, he is likely to remain at least a little bit uncool. I seriously doubt he’ll ever give up reading joke books or building legos for entertainment. But just in case he does end up at a college party some day, at least he’ll have something to do..... Wowing his friends with lightening Speed Stacking skills.... Watch out Emily Fox! Here he comes!