Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Need a Man

I need a man. I know. I chose to live all this distance from my husband’s work place. He likes the mountains and the space. I like the space. I like my very nice house and yard and seasons and.... and.... I need a man.

I need a man because Tucker has a tick. gross. The boys are real troopers when it comes to killing big spiders and disposing of dead squirrels that the cats drag in. They clean up the garbage if the raccoons get wily on us. They manage dead rodents, birds, bats and lizards but I found out today, ticks are NOT part of their removal repertoire. I need a man!

I went on-line once again to see what the protocol is for tick removal. I can’t do it. I just can’t. I’m the mom who cringes when she looks at her little girl’s split finger or the little boy’s gushing with blood chin. I squint my eyes and pray its not gross or that I can tell right away it is ER worthy, quickly cover the wound and rush screaming child and queasy mommy (me) to Urgent Care. Do they have Urgent Care for dog tick removal? Am I a city girl or what!?

I need a man. In two and half years of living here, I haven’t missed my dear hubby that much. I mean, I do. I mean, I married the guy! I mean, I like him, I love him, I said “I do!” You know what I mean, don’t you? I mean, I appreciate the guy. He changes light bulbs and fills up my tank. He also makes me laugh and listens to me whine. It’s just that despite all the love around here, I don’t need him here every single day....unless the DOG has a TICK and I need a MAN!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Juicy Morsels

It’s Juicy Morsel Season. Yesterday, my friend brought over a ton, yes a ton! of apples. With the handy dandy apple peeler corer slicer and many hands to lighten the work, I am smelling the sweet aroma of mushy apples simmering on the stove as they await their turn in the food processor. Yet another friend is in the habit of sending us Mrs. Prindables which combines the best of fall - sweet caramel, sweet chocolate, and sweet apples. Currently, I am looking for an excuse to try Snickers Salad. If I had planned better last night I would have served it to company. An apply, snickery, cool whippy new dessert I’ve been meaning to try, sounds like a juicy morsel indeed. Juicy morsels. I love fall.

Here’s a juicy morsel: When you get to the end of yourself, you get to the beginning of God.

I think that’s true, don’t you?

In fact, I think so much of that catch phrase it’s the tag-line on my emails for the last few years now. I guess I need it there to remind me that sometimes it is okay to “Let go and let God” without the cliche.

I don’t know who gets the credit for those juicy morsels but here’s one from CS Lewis. “Pain is God’s megaphone.”

Do you agree with that?

I can recall vividly when my little boy, in the middle of vomiting cried out, “Pray for me mommy!” This was his habit actually. When the stomach flu hit this kid, I learned to pray in ways I had only once prayed for myself. His passion for prayer was acute. You could hear his desperation in the tone of voice. Never have I heard anyone ask me pray for them with such passion. Pain really is God’s megaphone.

Yet another: The good is the enemy of the best.

Heard that one? In a casual conversation recently, I mentioned that phrase. I brought it up with that familiar introduction, “You know what they say? The good is the enemy of the best.” My friend replied,” No, I haven’t heard that before.”

Whoa! Some juicy morsels of truth out there still. For all of us, I suppose.

What are your favorite juicy morsels of truth to share?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Pickin’ Teeth

I have always had uncomfortable teeth. My experience with fillings goes way back in time, before the time I can remember things. Hence, I have since endured numerous crowns and even a few root canals to make those weakened teeth last longer. As a result of all these dental experiences and no doubt, a side effect of age, my teeth are highly sensitive. One time I actually told an oral surgeon (a very attractive one, I might add) that if he hurt me, I’d cry. He said he wouldn’t hurt me. He didn’t. He was a very attractive man, did I tell you that already? I am so glad I never saw him again.

Today, I had my 6 month dental check-up. I like the hygienists in this office. Each one seems a happy fit for me and my family. I’m perfectly content socializing and quite frankly, would be delighted to talk their ears off for the length of my appointment, but no matter what, sooner or later, they have to start pickin’ my sensitive teeth.

Today, after her first offense, the hygienist remarked, “Oh yeah, I remember you.” Off she went to fetch the desensitizing stuff so that she could continue pickin’ at my teeth. After we chatted a bit about the benefits of prescription toothpaste for especially-sensitive-teeth people, like me, she offended me again. It was the air. It bugs me when it blows on my too-sensitive-teeth. I was then instructed to do the familiar drill: wrap my lips around the suction thingy so she doesn’t have to ouch! point it at my too-sensitive-teeth when my mouth develops saliva.

Well, in case you were wondering, I don’t have any cavities. Today the dentist realized we live in the same neighborhood. (All I could think of was whether or not he would ever make me cry during a brutal dental experience which sooner or later I no doubt will have to succumb to.) And no, he’s not as attractive as that once upon a time oral surgeon.

As happy as I am to have that dreaded appointment over with for 6 more months, I couldn’t help but think about all the things in life I might be “too sensitive” about. Unfortunately, there is no prescription for especially-sensitive-heart people like me.

I like my dentist office because they listen to my complaint. They try to take care of the hurt. Numbing the pain. Waiting for the medicine to take effect. No blame. No shame. They are gentle and firm. Plus, they do what they are supposed to do - the hard job of cleaning my too-sensitive-teeth. In addition to all this, they try to equip me to take care of the most sensitive spots. They know I have some control over my sensitive teeth situation and they genuinely don’t want to see me suffer. They give the best advice they can and have my best interests at heart.

Funny thing is, as happy as I am to have that dreaded appointment over with for 6 more months, my especially-sensitive-heart was cared about today. So Dentist Office People, Thank You.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Things fade and change over time. The hoodoos of Bryce Canyon were a reminder that within the layer of rocks upon rocks, are hidden treasures, spires of beauty waiting to emerge from their sandstone coffins, waiting to be blown away by wind and washed away by rain, waiting to become... what they were meant to be all along. Beautiful and strange, sculpted by Heaven’s Hands. Some day, they will be memories held in snapshots and paintings. Obelisks worn away by time will no longer stand. Eventually, they return entirely to the dust from which they were formed.

But our lives aren’t like that. My body has a lot in common with a stony canyon, cut and carved by gravity, worn thin by the weather and worries of this world. But my spirit is far more. My body will someday be nothing more than a memory; my smile will live alone in my children’s and (Lord willing) grandchildren’s scrapbooks, but my spirit will forever remain. I am eternal..... and so is everyone else I know.

In 42 years, I have begun to observe erosion in my life. I’d like to believe that with each passing year, my new shape is formed into something increasingly interesting and glorious. Eventually, however, we face fate as nature takes its course with us. Some even have said, “You can’t take it with you.” IT refers to the pleasures of this world of course, but I say, “You can take THEM with you.” THEM are those people - beautiful, a little bit strange, perhaps. They are sculpted by Heaven’s Hands and seared in my heart and mind. People last. Relationship lasts. Whether I see them or not, they are there, a part of my eternity. They will always be there, even when those precious people return to the dust from which they were born. Relationship is not a thing....relationship is alive and its eternal...whether I see God or not, He is there.