Friday, August 26, 2011

5 Things About Me

Inspired by my inspiring friend, Robin over at Knitting Peace. I’m hitching a ride on her always authentic blog post 5 Things About Me. But let me start with the fact that my 5 Things are the SAME as HER 5 things and maybe that’s why I like Robin!

Truth be told, Robin and I have known each other for years. Years and years. I can’t count them. Let’s just say we have known each other since before blogging was invented. One of the reasons I blog at all is to stay in contact with friends like Robin whose minds I long to penetrate, to keep me sane, to keep me connected, to keep me laughing... at her and at myself. Laughter is good medicine. There ya go. And there is an example of the first of my 5 Things.

I talk too much.

I yam what I yam, as Popeye once said and apparently, like Robin and Popeye, I’m a yammer. Last week, I logged my longest phone conversation ever. 6 hrs. Give or take. I am most definitely a yammer.

I may be menopausal.

A few months ago, I logged my longest period ever. 2 weeks. Give or take. TMI. So sorry, but that and the night sweats are impairing my judgment.

I cook because I have to.

I do not enjoy it, either.

It’s messy.

Crumbs in the cracks of my expansive tile counter make me cranky. No one sees the crumbs but me. Or the crusted pancake batter. Or the crispy shredded cheese. It’s crummy. But the worse thing of all is raw meat. Does anyone actually enjoy handling raw meat? I was wishing the other day that they sold packages of CHEAP raw chicken cubed just so I wouldn’t have to cut it into pieces. Hate that job. And I won’t let anyone else do it because if they can’t see the crumbs and the crusty pancake batter and bright orange shredded cheese, they will not even think to sanitize raw chicken schmear!

I hate being frugal.

Because if I weren’t frugal, I could perhaps find the pre-cut raw chicken cubed and buy it, or the pre-seasoned stuff, or whatever. I’m sure it would be easier.


Gray is my new favorite color. In every shade. But I specialize in silver linings.

What about you my bloggedy friends? What are 5 things about you you’d like to share!?


Robin said...

A six hour phone conversation?! Oh your poor ear!

I love you, too friend!!

I really love your 5 things, too.


JillY said...

You do not talk too much!

Robin said...

Are you gone from the blogosphere? I miss you!